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Sean Seyler obtained his PhD in Physics

Sean Seyler obtained his PhD in Physics

Graduate student Sean Seyler successfully defended his PhD Thesis entitled Computational Approaches to Simulation and Analysis of Large Conformational Transitions in Proteins on Nov 7, 2017. He is now Dr Sean Seyler. Congratulations!

Sean’s work is primarily concerned with conformational transitions. He developed a quantitative method to compare transition pathways, i.e., “strings” in the 3N dimensional configuration space of a molecule with N atoms, named Path Similarity Analysis (PSA) (which is available in MDAnalysis as module MDAnalysis.analysis.psa). He also modelled and simulated the secondary active borate transporter Bor1p, where he used medium resolution cryo-electron microscopy data to develop an initial model of the conformational change that might underlie transport. As part of his Blue Waters Graduate Fellowship Project he has been working on a multiscale code that combines fluctuating hydrodynamics (implemented in the new HERMESHD code) with an atomic-scale MD code (LAMMPS).

He was a Blue Waters Graduate Fellow, a member of the US delegation to the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting, a 2016 and 2017 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Leader, to only name some of his honors and awards.

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