Publication-quality images

To make an image with AO (ambient occlusion lighting) and depth cueing:

  • Settings

    • Display -> Rendermode -> GLSL

    • Display -> Display Settings:

      • Shadows On,
      • Amb Occl On
      • Cue Mode: Linear
      • Cue start: 1.75
      • Cue end: 3.0
    • white bg: Graphics -> Colors: Display : White

  • rendering: File -> Render

    • snapshot
      • glossy material looks nice
    • tachyon (internal): ray tracer (takes a while due to AO)
      • change materials to special AO materials (e.g. AOChalky)

Example (AdK) was rendered with Tachyon (internal) with VDW representation, colors silver, yellow, and blue, no depth cueing, material AOChalky, and using Ambient Occlusion (AO) and Shadows (see Display → Displaysettings)

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