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APS 4CS Meeting 2017

APS 4CS Meeting 2017

The APS 4 Corners Section Meeting is held annually and will be hosted at Colorado State University on October 20th and 21st. The meeting includes invited and contributed talks from graduate students, postdocs, and researchers in both academia and industry associated with fields extending across all physical disciplines. The meeting is organized by the Four Corners Section of the American Physical Society.

Oliver was invited to present the group’s research on Structure and function of electrogenic sodium/proton antiporter membrane proteins.

Summary of the elevator mechanism of sodium/proton antiporters.

Sodium/proton antiporter proteins such as NapA exists in at least two conformations: inward facing (purple icon) and outward facing (yellow icon). Soidum ions can bind to the inward facing conformation and are coordinated by oxygen atoms in the protein and water molecules. The "core" domain (blue) moves upwards through the membrane and rotates so that the Na+ binding site becomes exposed to the extracellular solution. In the outward facing conformation, the ion unbinds, protons bind, and the core domain moves towards the inside again, thus completing the cycle.

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