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APS 4CS Meeting 2013

APS 4CS Meeting 2013

The APS 4 Corners Section Meeting is held annually and will be hosted by the Department of Physics at the University of Denver on October 18th and 19th. The meeting includes invited and contributed talks from graduate students, postdocs, and researchers in both academia and industry associated with fields extending across all physical disciplines.

A quote from the homepage for the 2013 APS 4CS Meeting:

Our department and the University are very happy to host the 2013 APS 4CS Meeting at the University of Denver! We welcome all attendees from the Four Corner states and other parts of the US. The meeting program was designed particularly with students in mind; we hope that they will enjoy all activities, including meeting the Nobel Laureates and the representatives of physicists working in industry. The meeting is a great chance to establish new collaborations and connections; we hope that you will leave with the memories for a lifetime.

Two graduate students from the Beckstein Lab will be giving presentations at the 2013 meeting. David Dotson will be presenting a poster for his research on using molecular dynamics simulations to reveal the conformational mechanisms of the NhaA and NapA sodium/proton antiporters (see abstract). Sean Seyler will give a 10 minute contributed talk on the application of path metrics as the basis of a method for quantifying conformational transition pathways (see abstract).

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