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External publication records

External publication records

In addition to a manually curated List of Publications, our publications are also listed through a number of external resources, which provide additional features such as computation of bibliographic indices or automatic updating.

External publication lists

A sortable list of publications is maintained under ResearcherID C-9095-2009 ; it also contains citation data and allows calculation of citation metrics such as citations per article and h-index.

Oliver Beckstein’s Google Scholar Profile typically provides the most recent and comprehensive information. It also displays citation metrics such as total citations, citations per article i10 and h-index.

Oliver Beckstein’s NCBI MyBibliography is also maintained. Records are linked directly to PubMed and PMC where possible.

The ResearcherID list and MyBibliography are maintained manually while the Google Scholar Profile and is updated automatically.

Other records

  • Oliver Beckstein has the ORCID 0000-0003-1340-0831 (a unique researcher identifier) that is linked to works such as papers.
  • There’s also Oliver Beckstein’s Mendeley Profile with a fairly recent list of publications and links to some otherwise hard-to-find publications.

These “other records” have publication lists that are up-to-date to varying degrees. The list for ResearcherID C-9095-2009 is typically what you want to look at.

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